Composite for Decks

For many years the go-to choice when building a deck in a backyard has been wood.  And there are a lot of incredible types of wood to be used for a deck such as specially treated types like cedar and redwood. However, many are finding that real wood decks take a great amount of maintenance and upkeep in order for them to stay performing well and holding up to weather and the elements.  Sun and moisture can play a part in damaging wood decks over time. So wood will need things like sanding, staining and resealing in order to maintain it.

But the newer kid in town for decks is COMPOSITE. What is composite?  Well basically it’s a composition of combined materials from wood waste and recycled plastics.  It is treated with a pigment (to make it look more like wood) and with a preservative to make it more resilient.  Decking manufacturers will heat it and shape it into the wood planks that are used for decks.  It is not as heavy as wood but it is very strong.  But the biggest benefit is that it is highly resistant to rotting, fading, and it doesn’t need to be sanded, or sealed or stained.  Also you won’t have the opportunity to get any wood splinters.

An added benefit is that by using wood waste and plastic waste, composite decking manufacturers are helping to recycle elements that would otherwise end up in a landfill.  Not only that, but creating a beautiful product that can be expertly built into an outdoor space by deck installers that homeowners can enjoy with their family and loved ones, and create memories on for years and generations.  Well built composite decks can outlast many other things on your property including you.